Amazon Wants to Power Data Centers Using Renewable Energy

Amazon has announced a Texas wind farm that will have over 100 wind turbines. This wind installation is part of Amazon’s commitment to power all of its cloud data centers using renewable energy.

Data centers in the United States consume over 70 billion kWh of electricity, which is over 2% of the country’s energy consumption.

The newly announced wind farm in Texas (Scurry County) will be a 253 MW installation, the largest Amazon wind farm to date, and produce over 1 million MWh of clean energy annually. Each new wind turbine will have a spinning blade that is 120m long – twice the wingspan of a Boeing 747.

In April 2015, almost 25% of the power used by Amazon data centers came from renewable energy. The company estimates that this number will grow to 40% by the end of 2016. Currently, Amazon is operating the following renewable energy generation plants that produce a combined 1.6 million MWh of clean energy.

  • 150 MW wind farm in Indiana
  • 80 MW solar farm in Virginia
  • 208 MW wind farm in North Carolina
  • 100 MW wind farm in Ohio

The clean energy generated by all existing Amazon renewable energy operations is enough to power over 150,000 homes. We hope that more technology companies follow Amazon’s lead and offset the energy that their data centers consume.

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