New Calgary Community Is Bundling Solar Panels With New Homes

Most solar panel installations today are retrofitted onto existing houses. However, Zen Townhomes is including solar panels with new townhouses getting built in the Calgary community of Cranston.

These units include two solar panels as part of every 2-level townhome, and the owner can upgrade to as many as eight panels.

The inclusion of solar panels means that the units will pay lower utility bills. The 2 standard solar panels included will only make a small impact on the overall utility bills, but is a great way to get the general public more familiar and comfortable with the idea of having solar panels on their homes.

Cranston Solar Townhouse / Image Credit:

The home builder estimates that the standard solar panel configuration will generate roughly 500 kWh per year for each townhouse. That is enough energy to power a fridge for a year.

Calgary is the sunniest city in Canada with 2,396 hours of sunshine per year – 35% sunnier than the sunniest city in Germany, who is a global leader in solar energy. We hope more new home builders in sunny Canadian cities follow this trend.

Around 30% of all homes sales in Canada are new build properties, and having the option to add solar panels at the pre-construction stage would be a great way to promote solar energy.

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    I went and visited the show homes for this community. Great looking interiors, and I was happy there were options for solar panels.

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