Google’s Project Skybender

Can high-speed internet be delivered via solar-powered drones? Google sure thinks so.

The internet giant is reportedly testing solar-powered internet drones in a new “moonshot” attempt called Project SkyBender (another “moonshot” example is Google’s self-driving cars). These drones would deliver wireless high-speed internet that is 40 times faster than the modern 4G LTE you have on your cell phones. Google (and it’s parent company Alphabet) is utilizing solar drone technology acquired when it purchased a company called Titan Aerospace.

Does this project sound a little far-fetched? Surprisingly no! Even though Google has not officially commented on Project Skybender, it does officially confirm another initiative called Project Loon. Loon uses large balloons to deliver Wi-Fi signals to remote areas.

If SkyBender is realized, this will dramatically shift the balance of power in the internet industry in a similar manner to how Uber and AirBnB have disrupted their respective markets.

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