Nunavut Solar Panel Installation Taking Advantage of 24 Hour Sunlight

Kugluktuk translates into “place of moving water”. It is a small settlement with roughly 1,500 residents, and located on the shore of the arctic ocean. The recreation complex in town recently completed a 10 kW solar panel installation.

In the first month of operation, it has saved the complex roughly $2,000 as they had to burn 500 liters less of diesel fuel. The system was installed after the community received a grant from the federal government.

The recreation complex was looking to reduce its energy costs by 5% through the use of the solar panels, and the first month of solar panel operation has exceed expectations. The 24 hour sunlight in Kugluktuk during the summer months definitely helps the cause. The sun altitude at solar noon in May, June, and July ranges between 42 degrees and 46 degrees.


In the winter, we expect the solar energy production to drop off dramatically due to both the short days (< 1 hour) as well as the low altitude of the sun.

All of the money saved due to the solar panels will be used to fund additional recreational programs.


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