AMIR String Style Outdoor Solar Lights

Solar Consultant Rating: 9/10

Key Features

  • 100 LED’s in the string
  • 33 feet length
  • Automatically turns on at night, and turns off during the day

The good:

  • Great for ambient lighting
  • Wide range of installation options
  • Holds its shape well

The bad:

  • May be difficult to untangle the string


SC Reviewer: This product is what we consider to be the gold standard in outdoor solar “fairy” lights. The unit will automatically turn on when it gets dark, and automatically turn off when daylight returns.

The 100 LED’s are installed on 33 feet of flexible copper wiring. One of the things our product tester loved about the design, was that the copper wiring allowed the string to hold its shape once it is bent into the desired position. When the entire string is lit up at night, the copper wiring becomes nearly invisible. We installed these lights on lamp posts, trees, and candle holders – all of them looked fantastic when lit up.

One complaint our product tester did have was that the solar panel is slightly undersized. This means that it can take up to 3 days to fully charge the battery for the first time. After the first full charge, the light had no issues lasting throughout the night.

The rechargeable battery for this light is also replaceable, and the one that comes with the light is a 1000 mAh AA rechargeable battery. We would recommend changing this to a 3100 mAh AA rechargeable battery to get better performance.

Overall, we highly recommend these “fairy” style lights.