Green Illusions

Solar Consultant Rating: 9/10

The good:

  • The book offers a different, but very fair and refreshing, perspective on renewable energy.

The bad:

  • You must finish the entire book, or else you’ll miss the big picture that the author is trying to show.


SC Reviewer: Be sure to finish the entire book. If you only read the first half of the book, then you might think that this book is very anti-renewable energy. However, the author is offering a fresh perspective, and arguing a much larger point – of which renewable energy plays a part of.

The main point the author argues is that we don’t have an energy production crisis, but rather an energy consumption crisis. Some of the most important points from this book are:

1. Increasing energy production results in lower energy prices. This has historically caused an increase in energy consumption.

2. It’s not overly useful to compare renewable energy technologies to fossil fuels in terms of their environmental footprint. The reason is that fossil fuels are laughably bad when it comes to environmental friendliness. This results in a wide range of renewable technologies getting pushed even though they’re not that great.

3. Improving the power generation side of our energy world is essentially only only treating the symptom. The root cause of our problem is massive consumption.

This book offers a balanced and fresh approach for looking at renewable energy, and we highly recommend it.