Litom 24 LED Outdoor Solar Light

Solar Consultant Rating: 9/10

Key Features

  • 526 lumen brightness
  • Three sensing modes (medium light, dim light, and motion)
  • 120 degree sensing range

The good:

  • Impressive brightness from a relatively small light fixture
  • Easy to install
  • Great customer service if something doesn’t work

The bad:

  • The motion sensor isn’t as sensitive as it should be


SC Reviewer: This is one of the best outdoor solar lights we have reviewed, and combines a good price with great performance. The light is also very easy to install, and is backed up by superb customer service by the manufacturer. One of our product testers had an issue with the motion sensor in the light, and the manufacturer promptly sent a replacement unit. They did not know we were conducting a review so that is the kind of customer service everyone can expect.

The 24 LED’s in the unit are orientated such that it provides 270 degrees of lighting. It has three lighting modes: 1) medium light, 2) dim light, and 3) motion sensing.

In medium light mode, the unit will automatically turn on at medium brightness when it gets dark outside. If the batteries are fully charged, it should stay on throughout the night. In dim light mode, the unit also automatically turns on when evening comes. However, the light will switch to full brightness if motion is detected. In motion sensing mode, the light stays off until motion is detected. Once motion is sensed, the light will activate at full brightness.

This light is a fantastic choice if you’re looking to provide pathway or security lighting for your house.