Physics for Future Presidents

Solar Consultant Rating: 10/10

The good:

  • The author does an amazing job at explaining a wide range of complex and relevant concepts.

The bad:

  • Some users have reported that the e-book version omits important graphs. We would recommend buying a physical copy.


SC Reviewer: This book covers a wide range of topics including terrorism, nuclear weapons, and applications of satellites in space. Once you read the book, you will have a basic understanding of a wide range of concepts. This will allow you to grasp more complex issues, and make your own judgement on the validity of people’s arguments.

Even though the book has the word “physics” in the title, do not be alarmed. The author explains all of the concepts in a simple manner, and does not expect the reader to know any math or physics beyond the high school level.

For the renewable energy enthusiast, there are two very pertinent sections: 1) Energy and 2) Global Warming. The energy section goes over our current dependence on oil as well as facts around solar power. The global warming section provides a comprehensive overview of the evidence, likely causes, and potential solutions.

If you choose to only read one book on our list, we strongly recommend you choose this one.