Qedertek String Style Outdoor Solar Light

Solar Consultant Rating: 8/10

Key Features

  • 8 different lighting modes
  • 30 LED bulbs on a 19 foot string
  • Automatically turns on at night, and turns off during the day

The good:

  • Great for ambient lighting
  • Easy to install and wrap around various structures
  • Multiple lighting modes adds a lot of variety

The bad:

  • The lights can be a little dim if there wasn’t enough sunlight to charge it during the day.


SC Reviewer: This string style outdoor solar light is great for adding ambient lighting to your deck, patio, or yard. The unit will automatically turn on when it gets dark, and automatically turn off when daylight returns. Our product tester noted that there were at least eight different lighting modes including: “constant-on”, “flashing”, and “twinkling”.

The product description states that the string light is 20 feet long, but our tester found that the 20 foot length is the distance from the solar panel to the end of the string. The portion of the string with actual light bulbs is closer to 15 feet, which is still a good length. At first, the bulbs will seem a little smaller than what you were expecting (they’re about an inch in diameter), but you quickly get used to the size. After a few weeks, our product tester noted that the bulbs would actually look weird if they were much larger – due to the variety of lighting modes they can have.

Installation was extremely easy. Our product tester simply placed the string light in the desired location, and put the solar panel in a sunny location on the ground beside the house using the stake that comes with the unit. Since the solar panel is so light, another installation option is to hang it up.

Overall, this outdoor solar light performed as advertised and we would recommend them as one of the best string style lights around.