Solar Electricity Handbook

Solar Consultant Rating: 8/10

The good:

  • The author provides clear explanations of the most important concepts in solar panel technology. This book is extremely easy to read for people without a technical background.

The bad:

  • Some people may find the book lacks detail when it comes to explaining the physical principles behind solar panel operation.


SC Reviewer: This is the ultimate beginner’s guide to solar panel technology.

The book provides a broad overview of solar energy including: costs, installation considerations, and useful applications. The handbook also goes into detail on more advanced considerations such as inverters, regulations, batteries, solar array design, and system troubleshooting.

The author does a good job of using charts and diagrams to illustrate concepts such as how temperature affects solar panel performance. There are also entire sections of the book dedicated to teaching the reader how to build their own solar energy system.

We would recommend this book if you’re looking to build/design your own solar power system, or are looking for a good introduction to solar panels.