Solar Power Your Home For Dummies

Solar Consultant Rating: 8/10

The good:

  • As with all “dummies” books, the author cuts out all of the irrelevant information and gets into the practical aspects.

The bad:

  • The book doesn’t provide enough information on “off-grid” systems (systems not connected to your local electricity grid).


SC Reviewer: This is a great book for someone who is looking to learn about the various considerations for whether a residential property is suitable for solar energy. It is reasonably priced, and gives simple explanations that will help you get things done.

The author goes over relevant topics such as: how to determine if your house is suitable for solar energy, how do design and build your own solar energy project, and how to analyze investments in solar energy.

If you’re thinking of installing outdoor solar lights, solar panels, or hiring a local contractor to review your property’s solar potential, then this is a book you should read.