URPOWER 4 LED Outdoor Solar Light

Solar Consultant Rating: 9/10

Key Features

  • 200 lumens brightness
  • Automatically turns on at night, and turns off during the day
  • High/low illumination mode

The good:

  • Great for landscape lighting as they can be inserted into the ground
  • Easy to install
  • Oversized solar panel allows for reliable charging

The bad:

  • The light color is a pure white, and may not look good with all vegetation


SC Reviewer: This is a very good solar light if you’re looking for landscape lighting. The unit will automatically turn on when it gets dark, and automatically turn off when daylight returns. One of our favorite things about this light is that it can be installed directly into the ground. Furthermore, it is such a compact light that you can zip-tie the unit to a tree if you’re looking for lighting in awkward locations.

While the 200 lumen brightness isn’t overly bright, it provides plenty of lighting if all you need is accent lighting. The light allows you to adjust the angle of the LED bulbs within a range of 90 degrees directly up or down (single-axis). Even though the light itself doesn’t allow sideways adjustment, you can just turn the mounting stake to get that rotation. The integral solar panel can be adjusted within a range of 180 degrees – again only in one axis.

One thing our product testers did notice is that you need direct sunlight in order to properly charge the built-in battery. If the installation location doesn’t have at least 6 hours of direct sunlight, then the unit may not last throughout the night.

Overall, we highly recommend this light if you’re looking for versatile landscape lighting.