Q and A with EverCharge – A Car Charging Solution for Condo Buildings

How do you charge an electric car in a condo building?  EverCharge may be the answer. The company is providing a solution for condo owners to charge their electric vehicles. Learn more about EverCharge in our interview below.

Q: What inspired the founder to start the company?

A: He had recently bought an electric vehicle and lived in a condo. After trying public charging and finding that he was averaging a 2-4 hour charging time he realized “filling” his electric car (EV) up was becoming a major pain. When he attempted to install a personal charger in his parking space at his condo he found there wasn’t enough power to do a proper install. With an engineering background he knew he could solve this problem, and that’s when he devised SmartPower.

Q: What has been the biggest hurdle your company has had to overcome in order to install this system in a condo?

A: Homeowner Association approval can be challenging. Associations are working to ensure not just one but all of the residents needs are addressed within the building for years to come. Our technology enables the building to offer a truly scalable charging solution that adds value to all residents.

Q: What should our readers know about your company?

Our technology prevents needless infrastructure spending to enable widespread adoption for EV’s by not only saving EV drivers and building owners thousands on install costs, but also installing up to 10 times the number of chargers at any given location. This allows for every EV driver to have their own charging station so they no longer have to wait or drive around for hours trying to find an open station. With EverCharge, EV drivers can plug in and charge up whenever they like; no sharing, no waiting, just charging.

Q: What world areas do you current operate in, and what are your plans for expansion?

A: We currently operate in the United States nationwide, and have plans to expand into Europe and Canada in the near future.

Learn more about the company here: http://evercharge.net

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