Solar Panel Incentives in BC (2017)

Do you know what BC offers when it comes to solar panel incentives?

British Columbia has a “Net Metering” program through BC Hydro which allows residents to export any excess solar power they generate to the grid. The excess solar electricity that is exported to the grid is deducted from your electricity bill. For example, if you consumed 1,000 kWh and exported 200 kWh in a month you would only be charged for only 800 kWh worth of electricity.

  • The program details are available here.

There are currently no direct financial rebates for solar panels in BC.

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  1. Reply Dean MacKinnon

    Hello there. My family and I have been off grid for 25 years now. Our panels are in need of changing out. We feel we have done our environmental deed thus far and are wondering if you know of any incentive for replacing panels? Any advice would be an excellent start.

    Thanks In advance,

    1. Reply Solar Consultant

      Hi Dean,

      Thank you for reaching out to us. All of the incentives we have seen are for people to install new panels. Some of the other provinces offer capital rebate programs, but BC is a bit behind in that regard.

      At this time, we don’t believe that are any significant incentives to install/replace solar panels other than the net metering program.

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