Solar Panel Incentives in New Brunswick (2017)

Do you know what New Brunswick offers when it comes to solar panel incentives?

New Brunswick has a Net Metering program, called NB Power Net Metering, which allows residents to export any excess solar power they generate to the grid.

The excess solar electricity that is exported to the grid is deducted from your electricity bill. For example, if you consumed 1,000 kWh and exported 200 kWh in a month you would only be charged for only 800 kWh worth of electricity.

Some of the eligibility requirements of the program included:

  • The system should not exceed 100 kW of capacity.
  • The system should harness renewable energy sources compatible with Environment Canada’s Environmental Choice Program (EcoLogo TM) standards such as biomass, solar,  or wind.

The full program details are available here.

There are currently no direct financial rebates for solar panels in New Brunswick.

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  1. Reply Clay Williston

    When will N.B. pay for electricity produced like Ontario now does perhaps that would get MORE people thinking about SOLAR and thereby reduce our carbon footprint and reduce the strain on our GRID before we have rolling blackouts like they have south of us Imagine if you will we took Miramichi airport grounds and install however many could be installed look at the MANY jobs that would create ,JUST SAYING how may more federal grounds could be covered with panels ,we should think about this ,before it is to late Clay Williston

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