Solar Panel Incentives in Ontario (2017)

Do you know what Ontario offers when it comes to solar panel incentives?

Ontario has the most developed solar incentive programs in Canada. The province has two popular initiatives:

With FIT (Feed-in Tariff), you are paid a guaranteed price for any solar electricity you generate for the duration of the contract. In general, the FIT program is available for renewable energy systems with less than 500 kW of generation capacity. The program has a detailed price schedule that depends on both the system size as well as the type of renewable energy.

Ontario Solar Incentives

Ontario Renewable Energy Incentives

Net Metering allows residents to export any excess solar power they generate to the grid. The excess solar electricity that is exported to the grid is deducted from your electricity bill. For example, if you consumed 1,000 kWh and exported 200 kWh in a month you would only be charged for only 800 kWh worth of electricity. If you produce more than you consume, the credits can be carried forward for up to twelve months.

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