How do Solar Vacuum Tubes Work?

A solar vacuum tube is a type of solar thermal collector. It is most commonly used to generate hot water for using in heating your house, heating your pool, or to provide hot water for direct use in your faucets and shower. When you install a solar vacuum tube system for your house, it can either supplement (recommended) or replace your existing hot water system.

So how do the tubes themselves generate energy?

Step 1: The absorber coating on the inner glass tube absorbs sunlight and converts it into heat.

Step 2: Steam forms inside heat pipe which transfers heat rapidly up to the manifold.

Step 3: A pump circulates water or heat transfer fluid (such as glycol) through the header pipe, carrying heat back to the storage tank.  Gradually throughout the day the tank is heated up.

The tank can be boosted by an electric element, gas/oil boiler, or the solar tank can simply feed an existing water heater tank with solar pre-heated water.  The Solar Vacuum tube collectors can be mounted on a roof, wall or even on the ground.  The key is ensuring optimum exposure to the sun through the day. The vacuum space in the evacuated tube greatly reduces heat loss.  This greatly increases the conversion efficiency at higher water temperatures or when the outside temperature is very cold.


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