The Airbnb of Solar Energy

How would you like to get solar energy directly from roof-owners?

A company called Yeloha is making this a reality. In this model, there are “Sun Hosts” and “Sun Partners”.

A sun host is the one that generates the solar power. In exchange for hosting, he or she gets free solar panels and a percentage of the energy they generate for zero dollars. The rest of the energy is sent to sun partners.

A sun partner buys the energy from sun hosts. A sun partner does not need his or her own roof and installation to access clean energy.

This is a great way to access solar energy if you are living in a condo building or your roof orientation isn’t suited for solar energy. Many cities will not allow solar panel installations in and around the downtown area because so many generation sources may destabilize the grid. If you use Yeloha’s service, you typically still receive a bill from your local utility company, but you will see a credit applied against the total which will correspond to the amount of money you saved.

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