Three Awesome Environmental Facts on Google

Google employs energy and policy strategists, mechanical and software engineers, sustainability experts, and 65,000 other creative thinkers who are all focused on finding new ways to do more with less. Here are three awesome facts on what they have achieved so far when it comes to the environment.

On average, a Google data center uses 50% less energy when compared with a typical data center of similar size. In 2016, the United States as a whole used over 70 billion kWh of energy to power data centers. This amount of energy is roughly 2% of the USA’s total energy consumption. If every company had data centers as efficient as Google, we can save a lot of energy!

Google Renewable Energy

Google Data Center / Image Credit: Google Environmental Report (2017)

In 2017, the company projects that their operations will be 100% powered by renewable energy. This does not mean that Google is producing all of their own power. Rather, they are buying the power from producers who generate their energy using renewable technologies.

Google renewable energy report

Google renewable energy purchases / Image Credit: Bloomberg New Energy Finance

Google has committed 2.5 billion dollars to renewable energy projects. The company’s ultimate stated goal in this area is to achieve a zero carbon energy world where everyone has access to clean energy.

Google Renewabl Energy

Solar Farm / Image Credit: Google Environmental Report (2017)

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