Will solar energy get integrated into future homes?

Most homes getting built today do not include options for integrated solar power. However…that may be changing as more and more home builders see the value in solar energy.

Solar Consultant got in touch with Warren Dion, who is leading the “Paghera & Paganini” project in Alberta to share his thoughts.

Q: Do you think solar energy will be integrated into future homes? If so, how?

A: That is certainly the vision of many innovators like the inspiring founder of Germany’s IBC Solar. However, the wheels of progress here in North America turn far too slowly for us to make predictions at this time. For example, Germany has already mandated that home owners have a professional electrician come and test their entire house on a regular basis to make sure that their systems are operating at optimum efficiency. Here in North America, you will likely never see your electrical contractor once the house is sold.

What I think is that consumers need to take better care and attention to manage their own energy production and efficiency… and stop expecting to get paid back from the government for simply doing what is best thing for the environment.

Q: What is the “Paghera & Paganini Project”?

A: The partnership between Paghera and Paganini is a shared vision of providing global luxury buyers with a full service packaged opportunity. This project aims to give buyers the ability to acquire amazing architectural products that are 100% designed in Italy. We will have options for integrated solar energy systems.

The Paganini Solar Shade Car Port (SCP) is one of these integrated options. This beautiful design can either produce solar energy for their homes and/or also be used for charging electric cars with a wireless embedded charger. These solar options feature LSX Solar Glass Modules which are proudly produced in Canada, and will work well with Tesla’s new PowerWall Battery System. Other features of these homes include ultra-modern features as; in-ground car-lifting systems, ultra-modern fences options and several luxury in-home up grades as well.

Q: It is great to see that solar energy options are getting included on new builds. Will the Paghera & Paganini project be available in Canada? 

A: Yes it will be available! It was always the plan to bring this project to Canada. The only difference is that we will produce an Alberta made “Authentic Replica” of both the Model-One and Model-Two house design. These will not have the “Made in Italy” certificate or feature the European electrical. Other than that, it will be the same product but sold “a la carte”. North American clients can still buy any of the luxury upgrades.

Q: What do you think of wireless highway charging?

A: Well you know I have an strong opinion about this because I have created a NEXT-GEN 9IP proprietary H2-Solar Solution for this! But like electric cars, wireless highway charging innovations must generate their clean power source from a sustainable source – and not just tie into a fossil fuel power plant. I think that if eco-based power generations is used, and they add other solutions innovations into the mix it will be a wonderful solution!  Just look at what the UK is doing! https://www.gov.uk/government/news/off-road-trials-for-electric-highways-technology

Q: Any words of wisdom for our readers with regards to solar energy?

A: While it’s great to aim for the stars, realize that it’s still pretty cool if you “only” land in the heavens! This means do everything you can that is practical, attainable, and affordable to you and your family – but don’t worry if you never become 100% “green”.

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