Solar Stove

Concentrated Solar Stove

An innovative product is harnessing the power of the sun to help you cook anywhere with cooking temperatures of up to 550 F.

The inspiration for the SolSource stove started in the Himalayas, and over six thousand of these solar stoves have been delivered to nomads and farmers. The company behind this product is One Earth Designs, and they have taken a different approach than the GoSun Stove that uses a vacuum tube design.

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This product uses mirrors to concentrate sunlight, and heats up traditional cookware such as pots, kettles, and grill plates. On a clear and sunny day, this powerful solar stove can boil a liter of water in 10 minutes. It can also reach grilling temperatures in 5 minutes, and searing temperatures in 10 minutes.

Concentrated solar technology has long been used to generate electricity from sunlight by using mirrors to focus light onto high efficiency solar cells, or to directly produce steam to run a turbine. This stove utilizes the same technology to heat up your cookware.

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If you’re thinking of purchasing this product, we recommend checking on the customer reviews on their Amazon page.

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