Did You Know Microsoft Is Powered By 100% Renewable Energy

Did you know that the technology giant Microsoft is an environmental leader, and is powered by 100% renewable energy?

Microsoft is part of a group of companies that have pledged to power 100% of their operations with clean energy. Some other companies in this group include Apple (currently at 93% renewable energy), Facebook (35% renewable energy), and Walmart (25% renewable energy).

To be clear, these companies are not aiming to generate 100% of the energy they use from clean sources. Instead, they are primarily procuring renewable energy through methods such as power purchase agreements (PPA) and renewable energy certificates (REC).

For example, Microsoft signed agreements to purchase wind power from both the Keechi Wind Project and Pilot Hill Wind Project (a combined 285 MW of generation capacity).

Wind Farm

In addition to the PPA’s and REC’s, Microsoft also has over 2,000 solar panels installed at their Mountain View (California) campus

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