Q+A Session with the Yeloha – the AirBnB of Solar!

How do you access solar power without having to put in your own panels? Yeloha is the answer.

In October 2015, our team had the opportunity to do an interview with Yeloha – a leading provider solar sharing. Solar sharing is an exciting new business model for solar energy where you can choose to purchase your electricity directly from people with solar panels on the roofs. Read on to learn more!

Q: What is solar sharing?

A: Solar sharing is a way for people who could never before go solar on their own, to now be able to go solar – together. Our platform connects Sun Hosts (individuals with solar friendly roofs upon which panels are placed) with Sun Partners (who purchase a subscription to the panels, contributing to the creation of clean energy and reducing their monthly electric bills).

Q: What inspired the founders to start Yeloha?

A: Our founders are “solar addicts”! They are on a mission to make solar energy and its benefits available to everyone. People are already renting out their homes and cars, so Yehola’s founders simply asked, “why not share the benefits of solar with each other?” When people come together to share underutilized resources, great things can happen.

Q: What are the obstacles to solar sharing?

A: Solar sharing actually solves the traditional obstacles going solar once presented (such as owning a suitable roof, living in an apartment, credit score and more). Part of the beauty of solar sharing is that anyone with an electric bill can qualify! Of course, there is a lot of complexity that goes on behind the scenes, in order for Yeloha to provide this “digital network” of solar subscriptions, but we make it as simple as possible for our users. You can become a Sun Partner with a few simple “clicks” on our website!

Q: How are you planning to bring solar sharing to more people?

A: We are thrilled with the demand we’re receiving for solar sharing. As we continue to expand into more cities we will build relationships with local citizens, as well as unique partnerships with companies, utilities, and nonprofits. The media has always taken great interest in our successes, and we will continue to share the good news. It’s also been great to see our customers reaching out to their friends and neighbors to join the Network too!

Q: I’m a homeowner today. What steps do I need to take to become a Sun Host?

A: Homeowners can apply to be a Sun Host via our website. To qualify as a Host, it is important to have a large, unshaded roof, that is flat or south-facing, and in excellent condition.

Q: I’m a condo owner today. What steps do I need to take to become a Sun Partner?

A: Everyone is welcome to become a Sun Partner on our website! Simply visit www.yeloha.com and click “Find me a roof”. Select your panels based on how much of your bill you want to offset and start your new solar subscription. That’s it! We’ll take care of getting you connected to credits produced by your panels, and even provide you with an app to track your clean solar energy production over time. Solar just became simple, now we can all do something great for our planet while saving on our bills it’s a win-win!

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