3 Interesting Facts on Tidal Power

Do you know what tidal energy is? Here are three interesting facts about this energy source:

  • Tidal energy is generated by gravitational forces between the Sun, Moon, and the Earth. Tidal power is practically inexhaustible and considered a renewable energy source
  • Mortality rate for fish at one tidal power site, Annapolis (Canada), is 21.3%. Fish often get killed from the rotating blades of the submerged turbines.
  • Not all location are suited for tidal power. The following sites have the most potential: Bristol Channel (UK), Severn and Mersey Estuaries (UK), Gulf of San Jose (Argentina), Secure Bay (Australia), Bay of Fundy (Canada). The Bay of Fundy in Canada has the largest tides in the world due to a phenomenon called “resonance”.

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